Torrey Smith heads to the 49ers

by Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads’ Draft Analyst


WR Torrey Smith SIGNED by San Francisco


It’s been a rough offseason for the Niners when considering the amount of roster and coaching staff turnover that has taken place.  They’ve been “winning” the offseason for a few years now, but the actual regular season results haven’t followed.  The roster is still a solid one and the addition of one of the top deep threats in the game will be a huge help.  The Niners have been lacking a legit stretch-the-field downfield receiver for years now.  Smith can open things up for their possession receivers and Colin Kaepernick’s top tier arm strength can be used to full capacity.

What’s Next?

While the team will look different in 2015, the Niners are still in position to make a run at the NFC West title.  They are a prime candidate for a bounce back season.  The trenches will demand most of their attention from here on out because if that doesn’t get fixed, the wheels will fall off again.

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