Maxwell and Thurmond Sign with Eagles

by Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads’ Draft Analyst


CB Byron Maxwell and CB Walter Thurmond SIGNED by Philadelphia  


It was apparent while watching the Eagles late in 2014 that nobody was afraid to throw the ball downfield against their cornerbacks.  Plain and simple, when the opposition needed big plays they sent their receivers on go routes and threw it up with a lot of success.  The offseason mayhem that has been transpiring in Philadelphia has been receiving a lot of flack, but these two moves are some of the best in the league so far.  The former Seahawk cornerbacks fit the mold of good size, speed, and length CB profiles that have been in high demand in recent years.  These two are major upgrades over what PHI had to work with in 2014.  Their major weakness from a yea ago may all of the sudden be a major strength.

What’s Next?  

With Chip Kelly trying his best version of real life fantasy football, who knows?  This roster has seen a tremendous amount of turnover and they may not be done.  I will say this about Kelly, he knows what he wants personnel-wise and hasn’t shown an ounce of hesitation in his pursuit to go get it.  Their defense has seen a major upgrade overall but I still think we are going to see a few moves offensively in the coming days.

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